Zhemukhov is a master storyteller. Despite English being his second language, he understands the power of pacing and repetition. And even when you think you know where his story is going, it takes an even more amusing and unexpected turn. His commentary on cultural differences is as insightful as it is amusing.
Kathy Laluk, The Rochester City Newspaper.

“I would like the audience to see that immigrants are really trying hard to adjust to American life, and it’s not easy and the many things that a person who was born here takes for granted are really hard for immigrants,” Zhemukhov said. “But I don’t want to do it in a boring way; I want to do it in a funny way so that people will leave my show with a light heart.”
Beth Adams, NPR WXXI News.

George Washington University researcher Sufian Zhemukhov is a popular guy around Washington. He has several awards for his storytelling and some of the stories he relies on in Flirting Like an American appeared on PBS. His United States premiere at Capital Fringe left a friendly audience happy.
Andy Arnold, DC Metro Theater Arts.