A Soviet Boy with Magic Power

A Soviet Boy with Magic Power

The show "A Soviet Boy with Magic Power" tells about Sufian's personal experience growing up during the Cold War on the other side of the Iron Curtain, in the Soviet Union.  The premier performance was presented at the 2019 Glen Echo Folk Festival. The show includes stories that were featured on PBS and won The Moth and The National Storytelling Festival.


Sufian Zhemukhov, author and performer
Nart Shekim, video and visual art

Glen Echo

Stories in the show:
Magic Talent
Old Man and His Stick
My Name is Sufian
American Child Catcher
How not to learn English
Climbing Elbrus
A Study of Dislikable Me


The audience feedback

"A fun time with storytelling from a place you never knew existed!" Sarah S.

"I love Sufian's deadpan sense of humor." Paul R.

"Great to see a Circassian gift - to this community. I want you to be invited by the Circassians in NJ." Nahima H.

"Hilarious, heartfelt and human!" Natalie A.