Flirting Like an American

Flirting Like An American

A naive single professor comes from Russia with(out) love. His fluency in numbers and statistics is only matched by his cluelessness in the not-so-international language of women and romance. Will he ever understand and be able to conquer the heart of the mysterious, exotic creature known as the American Woman?  Will he find love or remain romantically monolingual forever?  Follow Sufian Zhemukhov’s harrowing and hilarious journey as he navigates the foreign world of dating and romance in the New World! The show includes stories that were featured on PBS and won The Moth and The National Storytelling Festival.

Sufian Zhemukhov, author and performer
Margarita Rozenfeld, host and co-performer
Stephanie Garibaldi, director
Nart Shekim, video and visual art
Flo Paxson, stage manager

2019 Rochester, NY

2019 Washington, DC

Stories in the show include:
Flirting Like an American
TV Sitcom Friends as a Dating Guide
A Valentine's Card
A Turkey Caller
A Mysterious Letter Writer
The Last First Kiss


The audience feedback

"A Fringe show about romance, culture, and one immigrant's story." Beth Adams, NPR WXXI News.

"Amazing story teller, and very diplomatic!" Diana Tom.

"Sufian is an inspiration! Rita is a delightful storyteller." Meredith Whipple

"Thanks for a great Thursday night. You made it seem like a Saturday night." Harsh Sarfraz.