Flirting Like an American 

  1. Dating Like ‘Friends’
  2. A Valentine’s Card
  3. Flirting Like an American
  4. A Turkey Caller
  5. A Secret Admirer
  6. Don’t Flirt with Customs Officer
  7. The Last First Kiss

An American Immigrant 

  1. Jesus at a Shoe Store
  2. American Dinner 
  3. Circassians at a Story Slam (with Nart Shekim) 
  4. An Endangered Scholar 
  5. Russian Guests in America
  6. A Professor and the KGB 
  7. My American Coauthor
  8. Turning Point at Wilson Center

A Soviet Boy with Magic Power

  1. Magic Talent
  2. You Cannot Buy a Miracle at the Supermarket
  3. My Name is Sufian 
  4. American Child Catcher
  5. How not to learn English
  6. Climbing Elbrus
  7. A Study of Dislikable Me