From Russia Without Love

From Russia 20210815

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From Russia Without Love

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A political science professor stumbles into the underworld of Russian organized crime - what could possibly go wrong? As he escapes to the United States, will the KGB and Russian mafia track him down? Will his academic skills, ingenuity and luck lead to his salvation or demise? In this wildly entertaining "escapist James Bond parody" (NPR), award-winning author and performer Sufian Zhemukhov will regale the audience with his quirky observations, humorous insights and intriguing stories that just may have you reevaluate what you thought you knew about everything from nerdy professors to mafia members!

Sufian Zhemukhov, author and performer
Margarita Rozenfeld, host and co-performer
Stephanie Garibaldi, director
Nart Shekim, graphic designer